About Midland Film Club

Midland Film Club was launched in the spring of 2012 to celebrate and share the talent, beauty, and people of Midland and the surrounding communities. Through this website we share creative online films that were produced in and around the Midland area, or films that prominently feature people from our community. MFC’s mission is to create an online space that provides quality local entertainment that is inspiring, creative, thought provoking, experimental, or just plain fun to watch and share!

But did you know that Midland Film Club is also a production company?

In the Fall of 2012 Midland Film Club began work on Start Local, a feature-length documentary that asks, “What does local mean to you?” and looks to the community to find the answer. This simple, yet compelling documentary was completed in the Fall of 2014 and will be showing in a number of film festivals soon! Midland Film Club is also responsible for a good share of the content available to view on this web site, and is continually developing new and exciting projects to involve the community in.